Healthy Living

We love living healthily at Carrowdore Primary school!  We have  nutritionally balanced meals made on the premises by our dedicated Dinner Ladies, Doris, Sandra and Gwen!

This year we were delighted to once again receive a silver Action Cancer Health Award in recognition of the good work we do in promoting positive attitudes to health and well-being in our school.  We were presented with our award by Cool FM’s Connor Philips at the BBC studios in Belfast.   Jenny and Marina collected our award on behalf of our school.


We are committed to promoting healthy eating through a whole school approach to food and nutrition; and enabling pupils to make informed choices about the food they eat.  We aim to offer food and drink that reflects the healthy eating message, reduces the amount of fat, salt and sugar children consume, and increases their intake of fruit and vegetables.

In particular:

  • We have a whole school Healthy Break scheme which offers toast or a pancake and a variety of fruit. All children are strongly encouraged to take part in the scheme, those who opt out are encouraged to bring fruit and vegetables from home as mid-morning snacks.
  • Drinking Water is available in all classes and is also available from a water cooler/dispensing machine located in the extension. In line with the National Nutritional Standards for Healthy School Lunches, only water is offered with school lunches.  Children are strongly discouraged from drinking fizzy or high-sugar content drinks brought from home.  They are encouraged to use their water bottles during the day.
  • All children are encouraged to take part in the Whole School Healthy Break scheme.  They have the choice to opt out, but those who do are actively encouraged to bring their own healthy option.  Teachers and Classroom assistants monitor this.
  • School milk is offered to all children as part of the Healthy Break Scheme. 
  • The School Meals contract requires the serving of a healthy, balanced meal each day.  Children are offered choices including provision for special diets.   The school actively promotes the school meals service. Free meals are provided to those who are eligible.
  • Packed lunches are monitored by midday supervisory staff and advice is offered to parents and children on healthy options.
  • Appropriate Food Safety precautions are taken when any member of staff is involved in preparing, storing or dispensing food in school. 
  • The Eating Environment is recognised as a factor in children’s attitude to food.  The school tries to make meal times a positive social experience.
  • Sweets and Chocolate are seen as special treats and may be used on occasions as a reward. 

 We like to keep fit in Carrowdore Primary school, with a range of activities provided to suit each Key Stage.

P.E. is an integral part of the school curriculum, and every class follows  an age appropriate, well planned scheme of work, providing  a balanced range of activities and showing progression in essential skills.

We provide a variety of sporting opportunities at Carrowdore Primary School.  We offer competitive sport to encourage teamwork, discipline, self-respect and how to cope with winning and losing.  We seek out links with local sports clubs and providers and offer these when available. 

 We want children’s experiences in school to lay the foundation for an active lifestyle and an understanding of the importance of exercise in keeping healthy.   We also promote active play during break times, providing a range of play equipment in each playground.

Every year our school endeavours to encourage the children to choose a healthy lifestyle.  For example: Our annual Sponsored Walk,  Walk to School Week and The Big Pedal are all ways in which the children are encouraged to walk , and to travel to school without the car.  We take part in the Community Dentist’s Award Scheme, Save Our Smiles. 

Healthy Living Week at Carrowdore Primary School!

This is a week where the focus is on healthy living.  A number of outside agencies visit the school, children take part in a variety of activities and parents are informed of the various events.  For example, Action Cancer’s Puppet show promoting healthy living, Chest Heart and Stroke’s Fitness Workshops and The Handwashing Team from Ards Borough Council.   The children also spend time in class focussing on Health related topics.